The Liability Shift Date Is Coming -- Up to Date on EMV Basics?

MasterCard, Visa, and other card brands are shifting liability for point-of-sale fraud from issuers to merchants in October, 2015 -- for issuers who have provide EMV-compliant cards to their customers.  This will add dollars to issuers' bottom lines - or introduce a critical new risk to card issuance.


Topics covered in this EMV Basics Educational Webinars include:

  • What is EMV, & what is the liability shift all about?
  • What role do cryptographic keys play in EMV
  • How does this affect payment transaction lifecycles?

These on-demand webinar replays feature Dave Tushie, voting member of several EMV-related standards committees and recognized EMV expert. Register now to learn how you can prepare for the critical point-of-sale liability shift date!

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